the axiom letter.

To: You

From: The Axiom Founders

Subject: Why Axiom Exists

Technology is reshaping the world that we live in, faster than ever. We are working differently, living longer and taking on challenges that seemed unfathomable to people just a decade ago. Despite the shifts, the one constant that remains, is the way that we approach learning in our lives. In a world where 50 is the new 30, and domain knowledge has a half life of just 10 years, why do we still think it is sufficient to follow the traditional study-til-you're-20 and work-til-you're-60 model to life?

This form of structured learning has become obsolete and been transformed into a cage that traps you rather than allowing you to grow. We believe that learning should be fun, guilt-free and entirely driven by what interests you.

That's why we created Axiom - to facilitate your learning experiences and help you become the best possible version of yourself. With a combination of cognitive science research and access to a wider, equally excited community of learners and mentors, we will have you as excited about learning as we are.

And the best part? We don't decide anything for you. By putting at your disposal a set of tools, we are a guide on your path of learning, one which you will forge yourself the way you want.

Use it to pull off a career switch. Use it to make new friends. Use it to learn to do something you always wanted to do. It'll change the way you think about learning.

And we hope you’re willing to give it a try. Sign up to our mailing list now for access to our pre-launch pilot, and you can keep updated about the important things that Axiom continues to do (we’ll never spam you or sell your information).

See you soon.

Yours Sincerely,
The Founding Team @ Axiom